Google Ads Campaigns

Are you using Google Ads to reach your customers?


With the level of growth and intelligence that online advertising has reached up until now, you need to make effective use of all the tools that are available. Why you may ask? The answer is simple, the fact is, if a tool is available, you can be certain that your competitors are using it.

Make your ad stand out, write eye catchings, creative headlines, and clear calls to action. Check out what other ads are out there and analyse what you see. It is easy for your ad to get lost amongst the others given how similar they are so it's vital that you make yours stand out and the key, relevance. Relevance is without doubt the most important thing when creating your ad. 


At Ballantine Consulting, we can put together an advertising campaign that will help you leave your competition wadding far behind you in conversions, sales, and revenue figures.

We ascertain a long-term relationship with you that allows us to incorporate your sales strategy and react to the complexities, trends, and forecasts that are particular to your specific industry and targeted customers. With hands-on campaign management by one of your team members, you can rest assured that your ad is reaching its full potential.

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