Social Media Management

Connecting you with a world where every person scrolls an average of 50 minutes per day.

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Monthly Social Media Packages

Our monthly social media packages are designed specifically to match your engagement and conversion goals. It all depends on how often you want to interact with your followers and keep in touch with your community so that they know you have an active market presence and can be relied upon when needed.


Choose a package that suits your business' needs and interact with your community with the help of our engaging posts and optimum strategy to grow your online following, and ultimately, your sales.


  • Engage with your audience with the most relevant content

  • Embrace technology to create a better user experience

  • Increase interaction and brand loyalty with your customers

Eat, Sleep, Tweet, repeat. Social media is now a given in our daily lives. As a business, it can be a big opportunity for you.

Speak your customers’ language. It’s never been more important than now to take a smart, innovative approach to social media advertising and marketing. Get your business online and performing at its best. We can create, schedule, analyze, and engage with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, and Twitter. As your time is limited, we can take care of your social media management using our specialist tools and services can boost your social media presence on a global scale.

We work with the major KPIs to help boost your market presence, build a connection with your customers, and most importantly, increase your sales and conversion rate. 


  • Engagement - Clicks, likes, shares, comments, brand mentions, active followers

  • Reach - followers/fans, impressions, traffic data,

  • Leads - generation inbounds

  • Conversions - converting the inbounds


Not having the most popular channels at your disposal when billions of people log in multiple times a day is simply leaving money on the table. We help brand marketers and teams harness the power of the most revolutionary communications system in the world. Our consultants ensure that your brand is relevant and accessible to customers, using a strong, progressive, and forward-thinking approach.

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Our team of marketing experts will help you:


  • Maximize performance of digital marketing platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE and WhatsApp.

  • Create clear monthly social media plans, ensuring efficiency

  • Deliver the perfect message to your target audience with a creative communication strategy.

  • Develop and Execute a smart Communication Plan.

  • Increase lead generation, through improving your digital footprint and CEO rating.

  • Reliable data and accessibility

  • Industry connections

  • Create a flexible schedule

Creating your social network

Each social network is different, but whenever possible, you’ll want to add particulars about your business, like your location and contact information. Some let you add more information about your business or even photos and video.

Once you “move-in” to a social network, it’s time to get to know the neighbours. Making friends takes time and effort, but if they can help get the word out about your business, it’s an investment that really pays off.

It’s important to know that while you may be using social media for business gains, it’s a very different medium than your typical advertising channels. The people you interact with on social media don’t want to just be “talked at.” Think of it more as a conversation - a give-and-take relationship that ebbs and flows. Treat this network as you would your friends and colleagues in the real world.

Making friends on social media won’t happen overnight, and it can’t be forced. Start by recruiting existing customers, maybe with a sign in your shop that says “Follow us here” or—even better—a 10% discount if they connect with you online. Follow that up with other ways to grow your network: contests, special events, members-only offers, entertaining content, or even real, face-to-face meet-ups for members of your social circles.

And remember, every member of your social network has a network of their own. Social media is all about sharing, so as you add posts and photos and get involved in conversations, it’s easy for people to connect with you. And that means more eyeballs on you and your business.

Social media is a great way to start a conversation with people and ultimately grow your customer base. And just like anything else in the online space, you’ll need a plan.

Putting your plan together

Getting serious with social media means a lot of work, and you can find yourself lost pretty quickly if you don’t have a plan. Our team can give you all the details you need to put a plan on paper, and show you some tools that can help you put it into action, or even better...we can write content and implement your plan for you!

Social Media Advertising

The paid advertising opportunities allow you to reach very specific audiences to help to get your brand out there. As social media sites know an endless amount of information about their users which makes it possible for you to narrow down your target audience using an amazing amount of options using a variety of demographics. For example, you could target women who are interested in a famous artist from your area, who are likely to be interested to visit your art gallery. using paid advertising, it's possible to target people in a specific area, with specific interests, of a certain demographic whereby boosting (promoting) a Facebook post or about your business to that specific audience can increase engagement, followers, potential sales, and much more.  Get the ability to do some fancy targeting and ramp up your social media profiles in no time with the help out of the team. Find out more by getting in touch.